10 years and up


At the end of the ride, we’ll finally be able to soar!

Using parkour, street dancing and slamming techniques, the production introduces audiences to four friends hanging out in their backstreet. A newcomer turns up and stirs up their rapport. The group will be confronting the complex nature of family relationships while each individual is growing and building his/her identity.

The production delves into the backstreets of our childhood where reality and mystery meet. In this refuge bits of scrap are enough to rebuild a whole new world. Edgewalkers tells stories and sheds light on personal spaces that we all share.

Ideator and Director Robert Dion
Writer Francis Monty
Production Manager and Assistant Director Marjorie Lefebvre
Set, Costume and Prop Designer Pierre-Étienne Locas
Composer and Soundscape Designer Guy Bélanger
Lighting Designer Luc Prairie
Makeup Suzanne Trépanier
Choreographer Victor Quijada
Parkour Advisor Léon G. Leclerc
Creative Team Marc-André Charron, Frédéric Gosselin, Andréanne Joubert, Frédéric Nadeau, Mélanie Raymond
DynamO Théâtre wants to thank Théâtre de la Ville de Longueuil and Maison de la culture Ahuntsic-Cartierville for allowing creative residencies in their venue.

The company also wants to thank the Cole Foundation for is financial support.

“Since DynamO Théâtre began, the company has been specializing in acrobatic theatre. Once again the company manages to be innovative – people can still remember the stepladders in Ghosts and ladders. Incorporating a highly dangerous sport like parkour works wonderfully with the fiery spirit of the young people left to fend for themselves and looking for some meaning in their lives.

They are engaged by the emptiness, an image of the society that rejects them and that they reject as much. You’re super charged when you come out […] of this play geared for audiences 10 years and up. The kids surely find in the play a contagious energy and maybe even a few echoes of their own moods.”
Josée Lapointe – La Presse newspaper

“This story is structured like a body and poetry slam, morphs into parkour movements and clowning on stage. As usual, DynamO offers in this latest production a cast that perfectly masters parkour’s rhythmic dancing. Edgewalkers is a production in which movements are as expressive as words.“ (translation)
Daphnée Bethelon – MonTheatre.qc.ca

If you enjoyed the performance, we would love to read your comments. Write to us at info@dynamotheatre.qc.ca

“What a mesmerizing show! Captivating from beginning to end, accessible for our students from underprivileged communities. You totally moved them!” (translation)
Carole Deslauriers, teacher – Louisbourg school

“The kids were really thrilled by the energy, the dynamism, the rhythm, the friendships and the messages (life trials, the power knife, jealousy, the character of Marco, the “fight’ scene on the roof) in this production. Extraordinary! Several students related what they saw to some themes tackled by the production (emptiness, freedom, building relationships, the importance of friendship). They liked the “message” cubes.” (translation)
Nancy Boland, teacher – Gérard-Filion high school

“My students and I attended the performance of Edgewalkers. We loved the production. The students who were the most talkative were the ones who spoke the least, which in itself says all […] They were blown away by the actor/acrobats’ performance. They wondered how they managed to dance and act at the same time. In short, a stunning success.”
Émilie Laforce, teacher

“The set looked great along with the lighting and special effects. You get the feeling of a backstreet. I also loved the acrobatics and parkour. UNBELIEVABLE! And the slamming made you want to move the same way the actors were. When Sonia tuned out, it was really powerful because she spoke about her mother, her own hard times in her teen years and the time she threw a knife at her mother.“
Isaac, Student

“The acting was great! Not only were the characters totally believable, but the acrobatics were amazing. My favorite sequence was when Sonia jumped off the roof and was caught by her friends at the last second. It showed that they were real friends, that they loved hanging out together and that they had strong ties. Congratulations to the entire DynamO Théâtre cast. This was my favorite show. Just keep doing what you’re doing.“
Julianne, Student

“Congratulations for the special effects, the slamming and the parkour. Congratulations to the entire DynamO Théâtre company. The show was great!“
Juliane, Student


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