6 to 11 years

Ghosts and ladders

Burdened with a secret that, once brought back to light, fades away.

Ghosts and ladders features 3 acrobat performers and one accordion player who make use of movement, music and poetic imagery.

A collection of ladders, with its areas of shadows and light as well as its ups and downs, acts as a backdrop in telling the story of 3 brothers, their mother and a vanished sister. The fiery and boundless energy of the 3 boys hides a deep family secret that Gabriel, the youngest, is trying to uncover. The older brothers try to keep the whole thing under a veil of secrecy that eventually comes out. Gabriel learns that he has a sister who vanished prematurely. He unravels her story thanks to the attraction that a ghost has on him and the kinship and closeness of his brothers.

Scriptwriter Kim Selody
Director Jackie Gosselin
Assistant director Julie Brosseau-Doré
Set designer (concept) Jackie Gosselin
Visual consultant and costume designer Pierre-Étienne Locas
Music Cathy Nosaty
Lighting design Luc Prairie
Creative team Larissa Corriveau, Daniel Desparois, Frédéric Nadeau, Yves Simard and Martin Vaillancourt
This production can be restaged if an adequate number of performances are programmed.
Contact ANNE-MARIE VAILLANCOURT, in charge of touring for additional information.