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Life is like riding a bicycle…

Albert Einstein

A man returns home after a lengthy absence. He is confronted with family roots that don’t suit him anymore. No one knows who he is or where he comes from. He must reconnect with his own identity. An old bicycle motivates him to start looking for his roots. Hopping on the two-wheeler the man will gauge his life and go off looking for a new leaf to turn. 

In a world filled with magical realism and tinkered magic, the bicycle is more than a mere object. It is a fundamental component of life that you need to ride to keep moving. 

The project stems from a meeting between circus artist Guillaume Doin and DynamO Théâtre coartistic director Yves Simard following a training session he previously gave. 

Ideators Guillaume Doin et Yves Simard
Scriptwriter and director  
Yves Simard
Set and Costume Designer Pierre-Étienne Locas
Magic Effects Stéphane Bourgoin 
Lights Martin Sirois
Music Pierre Guy Blanchard
Make-up and Hair designer Suzanne Trépanier
Performer Catherin.e Viens, Gabrielle Garant
Puppetronics and Stage manager Gabrielle Garant
Tour and Show manager Ariane
Illustration Sébastien ThibaultRoy 

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