6 to 11 years

Thrice upon a time…

Life is sometimes like a forest in which one can get lost and face one’s fears.

As a modern-day tale drawing on domestic and foreign legends, this production features 3 young people forced to confront their fears to overcome an evil witch. Perched on the edge of the world, lost on a mysterious island or burrowing under the earth, the young Lad must overcome his qualms, arm himself with courage just like his friends the Monkey and the Lonely-Girl before going down into an abyss and destroying the cause of their misfortune. Coupled with the movement, the live music and soundscape grippingly and evocatively depict the courage of children in our often forbidding world change.

Script Jacqueline Gosselin
Dramaturg Louis-Dominique Lavigne
Directors Robert Dion and Jacqueline Gosselin
Set, costume and prop design Pierre-Étienne Locas
Music Jean-François Pednô Lighting Erwann Bernard
Make-up Suzanne Trépanier
Puppet design Marie-Michèle Mailloux
Creative team Tom Cholot, Hubert Lemire, Sandrine Mérette, Steeve Munger, Frédéric Nadeau