8 years and up

a production for stage clowns

Wacky and bewildering humor that remains deeply human and moving.

The performance is about to start when the star of the show, Mister Jerry, disappears in a cloud of smoke. Morgon, his right-hand man, is forced to take over the show. Comedy and absurd meld in this one-hour performance during which Morgon must learn to accept the clumsiness, buffoonery and unexpected powers of H. Da, his last-minute assistant. Surfacing behind all this buffoonery are the solitude of existence and the loneliness of two beings being propelled into life circumstances.

Stepping into the thrilling world of clowning!
Seeing a production for stage clowns is like stepping into a peculiar world where comedy blends with poetry, chaos with order and drama with tomfoolery. On stage, clowns are both naive and full of mischief. The slightest item can amaze them and they are constantly in a state of discovery. But what is a stage clown? As a close relative of the circus clown, the stage clowns lives in the “here and now” of a performance. Instead of performing acts of daring and skill, stage clowns play with feelings and juggle with happens to them. Their response is to look for fun and share it with the audience.

Playwright and director Jackie Gosselin
Performers and cowriters Marilyn Perreault, Yves Simard
Visual advisor Richard Lacroix
Costumes made by Marie-Soleil Lavoie
Lighting designer Richard Piquet
Dramaturg Maurice Roy
DynamO Théâtre wants to thank Maison de la culture Villeray−Saint-Michel−Parc-Extension and Plateau-Mont-Royal as well as Théâtre de la Ville de Longueuil for allowing creative residencies in their venue.
“This production has all it takes to reach great heights. Due to the fantastic performances and sophitiscated emphasis it puts on the relationship of clown characters with life.”
Le Soleil, Quebec City

“Misstart (a production for stage clowns) that thoroughly entertained the audience, made up mainly of youngsters 8 years and up.”
La Presse, Montreal

“Yet one could not have expected the euphoria that overtook the audience at Théâtre Prospero yesterday …. It is irresistibly inventive, funny with many strokes of genius. The two performers are outstanding…”
Le Devoir, Montreal

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