Artistic Approach

DynamO Théâtre has been part of Quebec’s young people’s theatre landscape for over 40 years.

With its 25 original productions performed all over the world for more than 1.5 million spectators, the company undeniably contributes to renewing the practice in theatre for young audiences. Its unique approach challenges, reflects and defines the art of acrobatic movement and clowning in theatre by carrying on its work with the same fieriness and passion it had when it began in 1981.

Its work method is based on in-rehearsal playwriting.

It searches, explores and creates using bodies in space, in the same way a playwright does with words on a blank page. Its playwriting is therefore carried out on a stage and collaborators are invited throughout the creative process. This type of theatre involves risk-taking. Over the years, the company developed a unique physical vocabulary, method and language, all of which have fashioned the company’s signature style. It deals with rhythms, speeds, scale, fixed points, momentum, freeze and acrobatics … We speak movement! Yet, the company keeps highlighting dramaturgy, that of bodies as well as that of words.  In rehearsal, the ever-evolving scriptwriting is enhanced and each new production demonstrates it.

The company wants to offer daring theatre to wide-ranging audiences -children, teenagers and families- and tell stories that will thrill them both physically and emotionally by considering the world through a whole range of movements, images and text. The playground is large and wide and the company’s greater ambition is to touch the hearts of humans, young and old.