Theatre Mediation

Meeting Audiences

Theatre mediation refers to the process of building bridges between the cultural and social realms, and the building of new relationships between the cultural and public spheres. The idea is to broaden and widen public access, to introduce people to the play’s richness and as a result to develop the audience’s critical thinking skills. DynamO Théâtre offers various types of theatre-mediation workshops to engage audiences.


The company provides a guidebook on each of the company’s productions. It is designed to enhance teachers’ and children’s appreciation of the performance. You will find the guidebooks in PDF format in the pages of each production on tour.

Theatre mediation workshop

Several types of workshops are available before or after the performances:

Workshop on DynamO Theatre’s artistic approach:
How do you script movement in space? What are the rules? The idea is to focus on the fun of acting through various theatre-of-movement development exercises. This type of workshop introduces participants to the acting concepts developed by DynamO Theatre since the company began. Such concepts were first developed by Jacques Lecoq and Philippe Gaulier.

Length: may vary according to context

Workshop on one of the company’s plays:
This workshop provides an overview of the company’s artistic approach, presents various theatre crafts, examines the production’s themes and characters and generally concludes on a short theatre-of-movement exercise.

Length: variable, usually between 50 and 90 minutes.

Post performance exchange

An informal and casual exchange with the cast following a performance. In general DynamO Theatre requests that an organizer moderate the exchange in the venue where the performance is given.

Length: between 15 and 20 minutes

Special theatre mediation initiatives

Some productions need special mediation activities to be developed. Here are a few examples:

Around The Nonexistent

The Chorus – young people appearing on stage during the performance

Seven workshops introduce a group of 15 to 30 participants to chorus movement and text work. They are designed to have these young people take part in a performance of  The Nonexistent. 

Around Inner Migrant

This Is Not A Suitcase – When Inner Migrant opened in 2014, a theatre mediation project leading to the  This Is Not A Suitcase exhibition lasted some 2 years. Five classes in Montreal’s Villeray — St-Michel —Parc-Extension borough took advantage of 170 workshops.

YEAR 1: The students met with all the production craftspeople. In addition, they attended performances during the development phase.

YEAR 2: The students designed a scale model of a set that represents a host city that draws on the Inner Migrant  team and creating the collective This Is Not A Suitcase exhibition.

The company also develops other types of theatre mediation activities both in the surroundings communities and internationally. The coartistic directors completed and direct master classes at home and abroad.
The various types of theatre mediation activities can also be adapted to specific needs. Please contact us if you have any questions.