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Inner Migrant

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A Montreal actor puts himself in the shoes of a Portuguese immigrant and takes the stage with a musician. Through movements, words and music he will be re-telling parts of Antonio’s life. Interspersed with appointments at the immigration office where Antonio must show up to try and get his residency papers, this partly fictional account is based on fragments of real immigration stories.

Inner Migrant is an open invitation to step into the world of a newcomer who has come over to live with us. It involves bits and parts of immigration stories as well as doors being opened or closed for those needing a welcome.

Both sensitive and entertaining, Inner Migrant is an imaginative production that tells a story like so many others, a story of tensions brought on by hopes for a better life as opposed to regrets about all that had to be left behind.

Inner Migrant is a co-production with Portugal’s Teatro O Bando. The production is part of an international project called Documents of poverty and hope. Six theatre companies, including 2 from Canada, 3 from Europe and 1 from Australia, are involved. For additional information on the entire project please click here.

Writer Nicolas Brites, Jackie Gosselin and Yves Simard
Director Jackie Gosselin
Dramaturg David Paquet
Performer Yves Simard
Musician Francis Guérard
Production Manager and Assistant Director Josée Fontaine-Rubi
Set, Costume and Prop Designer Marjolaine Provençal
Lighting Designer Julie Basse

Images and Video Pierre-Luc Schetagne
Choreographer Johanne Madore
Makeup Suzanne Trépanier
Creative Team Nicolas Brites, Jackie Gosselin, Francis Guérard and Yves Simard
Illustration Sébastien Thibault

Performer Yves Simard
Francis Guérard
Tour and Stage Manager Marie-Chantal Bonin

DynamO Théâtre wishes to thank Maison de la culture Plateau-Mont-Royal, Côte-des-Neiges and Villeray—Saint-Michel—Parc-Extension as well as TOHU for allowing creative residencies in their venue.

The company also wants to thank the European Union and the Cole Foundation for their financial support in creating the play.

… As for Jackie Gosselin’s directing, it provides many wonderful surprises …. Yves Simard’s performance in the lead role brings a lot to the  production. There is nothing fake and no tear-jerking. Antonio is someone real and determined to make his own way in this unknown society. Something genuine and meaningful.

Olivier Dumas, Mon(Theatre).qc.ca

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