The founders


Beginning of the great adventure with La troupe CIRCUS which will become DynamO Théâtre in 1987.

In the picture : Rénald Laurin, Jackie Gosselin, Yvan Côté, Pierre Leclerc and Marc Proulx: Le tambour rit; 1984.

Jackie Gosselin

Jackie Gosselin is a graduate of the École nationale de cirque (national circus school) and holds a bachelor's degree in drama teaching from UQÀM university. In 1981, she co-founded La troupe Circus, which later became DynamO Théâtre, and took part in almost all of the company's productions as a performer, a scriptwriter or a director. She is also an exceptional teacher and led numerous advanced trainings at DynamO Théâtre as well as master classes in Quebec, Spain and Macau. She has also been teaching clowning at the Collège Lionel-Groulx acting school since 2004. For the past 40 years, she has been a convincing advocate for theatre of acrobatic movement and clowning. Jackie Gosselin shared her passion for theatre and thus paved the way for many artists. Her latest work and staging of Don Qui Quoi!?!, that premiered in July 2021, is the culmination of an outstanding career at DynamO Théâtre.


Pierre Leclerc

Pierre Leclerc first stood out as an Olympic gymnast taking part in the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal. Later, he co-founded the National Circus School and in 1981 his training as a gymnast led him to set up a group of talented multidisciplinary artists called La Troupe Circus. The company later became DynamO Théâtre and innovated by producing creative theatre that put forward acrobatic movement and clowning for young audiences. He took part in the development of the company's first productions before taking over as general manager from 1991 to 2018. Pierre Leclerc shared his vision, passion and skills. Demonstrating an extraordinary sense of fair-mindedness, he has put his managerial talents at the service of the company and the theatre community for young audiences. In terms of international influence, his exceptional contribution has brought the artistic work of DynamO Théâtre to more than 30 countries on 5 continents.

Robert Dion

Research and multidisciplinary artist Robert Dion studied mime, modern dance, jazz ballet, contact dance, movement, acting and acrobatics in top-rated schools.  He cofounded La Troupe Circus (which was to become DynamO Théâtre) in 1982 and until 2007, he was the company’s coartistic director. Over the years, he directed a number of original productions, including Circus 82, La Lune, rien que la lune, Mur-Mur (The Wall), me me me... and Edgewalkers.  Aside from directing, he taught movement for actors from 1974 to 2012 at UQÀM university and completed a master's degree in drama. He led numerous workshops on DynamO Théâtre's creative method, notably in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Buffalo and Mexico. UQÀM university presented him with an award for teaching excellence in the 2008-2009 academic year, which allowed him to write the Une approche physique du jeu de l’acteur guidebook.