Artistic Directors

Jackie Gosselin

coartistic director


Photo: Alexandra Stève

Jackie Gosselin upgraded her training through various workshops, including Philippe Gaulier (London) and Volcano Theatre company (Swansea). She has also been involved in various writing workshops since 2006. She directed workshops at the National Theatre School of Canada and Cirque du Soleil and has been teaching clowning at Cégep Lionel-Groulx college since 2004. She is a founding member of DynamO Theatre and its coartistic director since 1989. She was a performer, an acrobat and a writer in all of the company’s productions. She directed Lili and Ghosts and Ladders and also wrote and directed Thrice upon a time… , Misstart, a production for stage clowns, The big bad wolf, Inner Migrant and What if Romeo & Juliet. She is actively involved in the Documents of poverty and hope project that brought together 6 companies from 5 countries. She worked on Ausência, and choreographed and co-wrote Patrice Balbina’s Chance encounter with the end of the world.

Yves Simard

coartistic director
Photo: DynamO Théâtre

Yves Simard is an actor, scriptwriter and director. He has performed in many productions with companies such as Carbone 14, Les Deux Mondes and Dulcinée et cie. He also worked as a dramaturg for the Cirque du Soleil Wintuk production in New York City. For 23 years, he worked as a director, cowriter and puppeteer with the Théâtre de la Dame de Cœur company. As DynamO Théâtre’s coartistic director since 2008, he has performed in The Challenge, Echoes of the River, Misstart, a production for stage clowns, Ghosts and ladders, The big bad wolf and Inner Migrant. He wrote and directed I on the sky, The Nonexistent and Life-CycleHe also co-wrote and performed in Patrice Balbina’s Chance encounter with the end of the world, a creative project stemming from the Documents of Poverty and Hope project. He leads major theatre-mediation projects in the Montreal-area schools as well as with the Marphy’s Play House in Chengdu, China.