Artistic Directors

Andréanne Joubert

Artistic Director

Andréanne Joubert is a passionate multifaceted artist. Working as an actor and acrobat since 2003, she travels the world with different companies (DynamO théâtre, La Tête de pioche, Nuages en pantalon, Satellite Théâtre, Cirque du Soleil, and Ex Machina.)
In 2013, she wrote and directed her first play, Noyade(S), with Jean-François Guilbault at Samsara théâtre. Published by Lansman Éditeur, the text won the 2014 Louise-Lahaye Prize and the first ever Marcel-Dubé Prize in 2017. Her second children’s play, La forêt des possibles, written after winning the Prix pour l’écriture pour les jeunes publics et la relève théâtrale, is published by the same publisher.
At DynamO Théâtre, she was part of the second cast of Moi…moi…moi! and then of Il était trois fois. She then worked on Nous sommes mille en équilibre fragile, Devant moi le ciel and Ceux qui n’existent pas as a creator/performer. After 18 years of work with DynamO as an actress, a new challenge is now open to her: in the fall of 2021, she will take the helm as co-artistic director of the company alongside Yves Simard.

Andréanne is interested in youth audiences as well as the adults who accompany them. She wishes to offer, to both, a reality inhabited by more poetry, magic and audacity.

Yves Simard

Artistic Director

Yves Simard is an actor, scriptwriter and director. He has performed in many productions with companies such as Carbone 14, Les Deux Mondes and Dulcinée et cie. He also worked as a dramaturg for the Cirque du Soleil Wintuk production in New York City. For 23 years, he worked as a director, cowriter and puppeteer with the Théâtre de la Dame de Cœur company. As DynamO Théâtre’s coartistic director since 2008, he has performed in The Challenge, Echoes of the River, Misstart, a production for stage clowns, Ghosts and ladders, The big bad wolf and Inner Migrant. He wrote and directed I on the sky, The Nonexistent and Life-CycleHe also co-wrote and performed in Patrice Balbina’s Chance encounter with the end of the world, a creative project stemming from the Documents of Poverty and Hope project. He leads major theatre-mediation projects in the Montreal-area schools as well as with the Marphy’s Play House in Chengdu, China.

For Yves, the young audience is one to whom you do not lie. He wants to share his passion for theatre research and development with them while appealing to their imagination.