photo : Robert Etcheverry photo : Robert Etcheverry photo : Robert Etcheverry

8 to 12 years


Lili chronicles in a sensitive and poetic manner a nine-year-old girl’s journey into adolescence.

The play touches both on everyday and crucial moments, alternating between fun times and more intimate moments. Lili’s games with her friends in the park or the secrets she shares are some of the happy episodes. At the same time, she discovers the exhilaration of falling in love. Yet, worries start interfering with her carefree attitude.

These drastic changes prompt her to take her first anxious yet excited steps into the world of adolescence. The stage, as unsteady as her inner space, begins to spin, turning into an ocean where a mermaid comes in and saves a ship tossing in the waves.

Script Lise Vaillancourt
Directors Jacqueline Gosselin and Robert Dion
Set design Claude Goyette Music Frédéric Desager
Costume design Marie Bellemare
Lighting design Nancy Longchamp
Creative team Geneviève Besnier, Sylvette Boudreau, Patrick Fleurant, Kelly Lynch, Steeve Munger, Patricia Plante, Alvin Tam, Anne Tessier, Stéphane Vallière