7 years and up

(The Wall)

A wall, with its graffiti and its secrets, alternates as a playground and a refuge from the world for five characters

The pivotal one-hour production was the first convincingly Theatre-of-Acrobatic-Movement production. Mur-Mur (The Wall) speaks of the friendships among 2 teenage couples and a pesky and incorrigible younger brother. With humor and sheer innocence, these 5 characters are swept up in an air-bound acrobatic ballet. Their flirting, teasing and fearlessness become a moving and scintillating reflection of a very special time in life, a world of young love and discovery.

Dialogue is kept to a bare minimum, leaving way to soaring and explosive gymnastics. Telling of quarrels, shared schemes and stolen kisses, the acrobatic choreography allows the performers to unleash their energy in exploring the exuberant eloquence of movement.

Script Yvan Côté, Jackie Gosselin, Robert Dion, Daniel B. Hétu, Pierre Leclerc, Guylaine Paul
Script collaboration Jacques Lessard
Directing Robert Dion
Set design Michel Demers
Music François Dupuis, Jean-François Pednô
Costume design Pierre-Étienne Locas
Lighting design Michel Beaulieu, Sabrina Steenhaut
This production can be restaged if an adequate number of performances are programmed.
Contact THOMAS LÉVÊQUE, in charge of touring for additional information.