6 to 12 years

The big bad wolf

One oral presentation, three dimwits and three story tales…

In unexpected, absurd and deeply moving ways, 3 dimwits begin an oral presentation on the big bad wolf in classic children’s story tales. Throughout the deliriously outlandish account, Miss Black, Miss Blond and Mister Chestnut discuss the fascinating character of the wolf in 3 tales: Little Red Riding Hood, The Wolf and the Seven Kids and Three Little Pigs.

Text Jacqueline Gosselin
With the collaboration of Maryève Alary, Marilyn Perreault, Yves Simard
Director Jacqueline Gosselin Assistant Director Clémence Doray
Dramaturgical Support Sarah Berthiaume
Set, Costume and Prop Designer Pierre-Étienne Locas
Voice and soundscape Chad Vincent- Lighting
Designer Luc Prairie
Makeup Suzanne Trépanier
Creative Team Maryève Alary, Marilyn Perreault, Chad Vincent, Yves Simard
This production can be restaged if an adequate number of performances are programmed.
Contact THOMAS LÉVÊQUE, in charge of touring for additional information.