photo : Pierre-Luc Schetagne photo : Pierre-Luc Schetagne photo : Pierre-Luc Schetagne photo : Pierre-Luc Schetagne

8 years and up

Inner Migrant

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A Montreal actor puts himself in the shoes of a Portuguese immigrant and takes the stage with a musician. Through movements, words and music he will be re-telling parts of Antonio’s life. Interspersed with appointments at the immigration office where Antonio must show up to try and get his residency papers, this partly fictional account is based on fragments of real immigration stories.

Writer Nicolas Brites, Jackie Gosselin and Yves Simard
Director Jackie Gosselin
Dramaturg David Paquet
Performer Yves Simard
Musician Francis Guérard
Production Manager and Assistant Director Josée Fontaine-Rubi
Set, Costume and Prop Designer Marjolaine Provençal
Lighting Designer Julie Basse

Images and Video Pierre-Luc Schetagne
Choreographer Johanne Madore
Makeup Suzanne Trépanier
Creative Team Nicolas Brites, Jackie Gosselin, Francis Guérard and Yves Simard
Illustration Sébastien Thibault

Performer Yves Simard
Francis Guérard
Tour and Stage Manager Marie-Chantal Bonin


This production can be restaged if an adequate number of performances are programmed.
Contact KASHIA MALINOWSKA, in charge of touring for additional information.